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Photography and Videography packages:

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About the Designer Album...
Take your Wedding Album to a new level of sophistication with your own custom-designed,
exclusively handcrafted Designer Album. Because the pages are digitally designed, text and effects can be added.
Each album is an exclusive work of art, individually designed as a reflection of your impeccable style and taste.
Every page is meticulously printed on top quality photographic paper, ensuring that your memories stay as fresh
as the day they were created. The pages are masterfully bound with a beautiful tailored leather cover of your choice.
No traditional Wedding Album is quite like this.

(Click on photo to see Designer Album layouts)

All images are taken in the Canon RAW format. This format is far superior to the normal JPG format, because colour balance and exposure can be professionally fine tuned afterwards. The final images are exported to JPG, and digital effects and borders are applied to taste.

Since we work as a team, you don't have to fear that your photographer and video-guy will end up in a quarrel. Sadly this happens quite often.  Some photographers refuse that certain parts of the photo shoot being video-taped, and some even disregard the video completely, like walking in front of the camera . It makes sense to get one photographer doing both.

I have a huge backdrop (5x7 meters) that I take with me to every wedding.   

I'm based in Pretoria. 30 km is included in all packages. R3.90 per km (for 2017), plus toll fees will be added where applicable.

A deposit of R3000 is required to secure your booking. This is on a first come, first served basis. The retainer will be deducted from your total package price.

30 years experience and hundreds of pleased clients! Click to read a few testimonials....

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Example of Thank You cards that are included in most packages:

* Thank You cards (10x15 cm).

Tight Budget?
Here is a suggestion… You will surely receive a fair amount of cash gifts on your wedding day. Why not set it apart for a breath taking Designer Album? Your guests would surely be delighted to know that they contributed to something personal, romantic and specific. With each thank-you note, you can mention their cash gift, and the album it made possible. If you consider this as an option, book the smallest package, and then, after the wedding,  upgrade to a package with a Designer Album.

Note: Prices may change without reflecting here. The quote I sent you personally is the only and valid quote.
All prices VAT Inclusive