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 1. Designer Albums (Click to view my unique 30 page (60 sides) layout for Designer Albums.




* Digitally designed pages makes each album an exlusive work of art
* Real Photographic Paper (A few metallic glossy pages included)
* Leather Cover
* You choose up to 180 photos to be designed into a Designer Album.

Take your Wedding Album to a new level of sophistication with your own custom-designed, exclusively handcrafted Designer Album. Because the pages are digitally designed, text and effects can be added. Each album is an exclusive work of art, individually designed as a reflection of your impeccable style and taste.

Every page is meticulously printed on top quality photographic paper, ensuring that your memories stay as fresh as the day they were created. The pages are masterfully bound with a beautiful tailored leather cover of your choice. No traditional Wedding Album is quite like this. Please make an appointment to come and see my albums.


* Pryse onderhewig aan verandering